A NYC Hotel Near The US Open

The beautiful US Open park has good food and plenty of places to watch tennis or just lounge on the grass. We can help you find out who is playing on which courts and when to find them.

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Hotel de Point & The US Open

Hotel de Point is only 10 minutes to US Open tennis events in Flushing Meadow – Corona Park. You’ll appreciate the convenience of being so close after a day at the matches. The US Open in Flushing has been called both the best and the most underrated event in New York. With so many venues, you’ll want to schedule your time to make sure you see your favorites, and we can help.

The facility also offers USTA Programs for people of all skill levels to get involved in and enjoy the game of tennis.


  • Youth/junior tennis
  • College tennis
  • Adult/senior tennis
  • Wheelchair tennis
  • Tips to improve your game
  • Tennis leagues

The Crown Jewel of Tennis

See for yourself where it all happens in the tennis world from right here in Flushing. Operating from here, the Unites States Tennis Association (USTA) is the recognized leader in promoting the growth of the sport, from local communities to the US Open.

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